9 tips for a stress-free move in Dubai

You found a new home in Dubai. Yay! 

Now that that’s over, it’s time for you to pack and settle into your new place.

Moving homes comes with challenges. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make it less stressful. Here’s how to your move stress free!

1. Check permits

The first thing you need to do before moving is find out if you need a moving permit. In Dubai, most communities and building owners want you to fill out a move-in/move-out form. It can take up to five working days to get your permit, so check the process ahead.

2. Choose wisely 

You can find plenty of moving companies in Dubai, so do your research. Find recommendations online, get the lowdown from people who’ve been through it and review reviews before you getting in touch with them for a home survey.


3. Credentials check

Verify that the moving company has a valid trade license and insurance. You also need to make sure the staff isn’t outsourced, because building security usually checks Emirates IDs before letting them in.

4. Cost it out

The best movers aren’t cheap, and the cheapest movers aren’t the best either. Most moving companies in Dubai offer online quotes, so it is easy to compare prices. Then again, if you’re moving anything bigger than a one-bedroom apartment, you should have it surveyed.


5. Hands-on or off

You can get involved as much or little as you want with the move. Most people pack only their valuables, leaving the rest up to the moving team, which can disassemble furniture, put freezer goodies in ice boxes, and even pack socks.

6. Specialist services 

It’s all about getting that extra touch. It can be as simple as a trusted pair of hands to connect the washing machine, a handyman to fix pesky light fixtures, or even a short-term accommodation provider for a mid-move stay.


7. Tracking

Relocating from abroad? The best way to ensure a smooth move is to choose a company that has offices in the country where you are moving, so that they are always in control. With state-of-the-art systems, you can even track your consignments in real time.

8. In and out

Movers usually work in three to 15-person teams. The general rule of thumb is one crew member for every five cubic metres. A one- or two-bedroom apartment can be done in one day, and an entire four-bedroom villa can be done in 48 hours. It’s a good idea to clarify the timeline when moving.

9. End result

It’s time to unpack! Most people enjoy the unpacking process so they can arrange their things in a way that makes sense to them. If that’s not for you, a door-to-drawer service can take the pressure off and save you time.